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Recover an eSpace with Service Studio



Recover an eSpace with Service Studio

An eSpace (or OML file) holds, besides the OutSystems code, some meta-information that may need to be cleaned due to incompatibilities or misbehaviors.

It's possible to clean-up that meta-information using Service Studio and we call that operation "Recover".

To recover the eSpace with Service Studio, please follow this steps:

  1. Close all open instances of Service Studio in your computer;
  2. Download the OML file you want to recover to your computer's hard disk;
  3. Open a Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) and run the following command:
    • "<path_to_service_studio>\ServiceStudio.exe" -recover <path_to_oml_file>\<oml_file_name>.oml
      • This will open a new instance of Service Studio and start the recovery process automatically.
  4. Publish the eSpace into your environment;