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Guidelines for getting customized OutSystems Now approved to the App Store (iOS)



Guidelines for getting customized OutSystems Now approved to the App Store (iOS)

OutSystems Now is a "shell" you can add to your apps developed with OutSystems Platform so they look like an app developed for a mobile device. OutSystems Now is available in Apple's App Store.

If you customize OurSystems by adding your own imagery and new functionality, it is no longer OutSystems Now and it will no longer show up in the App Store. If you want your new app available in the App Store, you must submit the customized version to Apple for evaluation. Using a complex approval process, Apple will determine whether it meets its rules for apps that are available in the App Store.
This article explains offers some guidelines for submitting your app for approval.

Apple must be able to test the app

Any apps available in the App Store are for the general public. This means that they must be usable by anyone downloading them, and in cases where a login is required, Apple will require you to provide valid credentials for the app.
You may need to create sample test data in your apps for the logins used by Apple, so they can validate the correct functionality of the application (it may be test data, but the use cases must be the same ones).
This is needed to comply with these rules:
  •  2.22 Apps that arbitrarily restrict which users may use the app, such as by location or carrier, may be rejected

  • 3.12 Apps should have all included URLs fully functional when you submit it for review, such as support and privacy policy URLs.

Apps must be functional

To be accepted for availability in the App Store, apps must have meaningful functionality; they cannot simply offer a list of other apps.  So, for a public app, you will need to remove:

  • The app list screen. Instead, you should redirect your users to the home screen of the main use case, and enables users to switch use cases there. If it’s relevant, you may need to offer multiple apps.

  • The environment choice screen. This will typically not be useful for your end-users.

What to do if you follow the rules and the app still isn't approved

Apple offers the option of distributing apps outside of the store. This can only be done for intranet applications and requires different licensing from Apple. In addition, it has a legal restriction of only allowing apps to be distributed to collaborators in your organization.

Where you can learn more

In addition to those already provided in this article, the following links provide more information on this topic from Apple, other OutSystems resources, and the OutSystems community: