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Mobile Apps Builder Service - Security Information

  • What information goes to the Service:
    • The mobile app is generated in a secure cloud service provided by OutSystems. All required information o build the application - Application Icon, Certificate/Key Store, Provisioning Profile, Client Side Code, Environment Information (hostname, activation code and platform version) - is sent to the service. This information will be used to generate the app in a secure way. Sensitive information will remain in the service for the absolute minimum timerequired to build the app. Also, sensitive information is properly secured when at rest and immediately discarded once the app is generated.
  • Is any user data involved?
    • If by user data you mean personal information, no user data is sent to the service.
  • Are my Android/iOS accounts secured? How?
    • Regarding account information, we delete all sensitive information as soon as we no longer need them to build the app. Furthermore, we don't publish anything to the stores on behalf of the customers. The service only generates the app and returns the binary file to the end user.
    • Furthermore, only authorized personnel can access non-sensitive information for support and troubleshooting purposes.
  • Is any information related to my server included in the requests?
    • We do not collect any personal information nor information that is not strictly necessary to perform the build operation, namely IP addresses, IIS versions or account information.
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