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Debug communication error



Debug communication error


During an attempt to debug an eSpace, this error popup appears:

Another symptom of the same problem is that the first call to _ping.aspx after publishing or recycling fails and an error stack is visible in the browser (if accessing locally) that states that a DLL could not be loaded as seen here:


What you should do next

Check that there are no broken references in the eSpace you are attempting to debug because it produces a similar error. If no broken references exist, check the name of the DLL that appears in the stack.

Note: You will likely need help from someone that knows the customer's application, especially the dependencies between modules, at this point.

You will now need to identify the origin of the call to this eSpace (DLL). The source is not necessarily the eSpace you are attempting to debug. Instead, it could be one of its references or even a reference's reference. Check the reference tree until you come to an eSpace that has no references to this DLL but still produces the same error for the same DLL.


After you have identified the eSpace causing the issue, decompress the oml and open all xml files included. Search for references to the DLL in all the xml files and delete whatever you can. Some notes:

  • Do not delete references that are in use elsewhere in the eSpace.
  • Check if the parent element has a count of nodes below it and update it if you delete something.
  • If you cannot delete a reference because it is used elsewhere, delete the nodes under it.
  • Ensure the eSpace compiles before sending it to your customer.
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