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MABS Version 6.2

First release: 2020-05-20 16:00:00 UTC
Last update: 2020-10-07 16:00:00 UTC.

What's New

  • Fixed occasional out of memory crashes when fetching large data from the server.

  • We improved the cache system log level to exclude invalid entries from being logged in Service Center.

  • Fixed an issue where the native shell was communicating with the default HTTPS port when the host of the app indicated a different port. (RNMT-4013)

Bug fixing

  • [2020-07-01 17:00:00 UTC] We fixed a glitch that caused the screen to scroll up after closing the keyboard. Note that this fix is applicable to iOS versions earlier than iOS 13.4, as Apple fixed it in iOS 13.4 and later. (RNMT-4155)
  • [2020-07-06 10:00:00 UTC] General improvements for internal orchestration of MABS Builds
  • [2020-07-15 14:30:00 UTC] Fixed an issue when copying prebundled resources to the cache mechanism that could cause caching operations to fail. (RNMT-4163)
  • [2020-07-15 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache mechanism that prevented some users from using the iOS app generated by MABS, as the apps didn't load past the splash screen. Additionally, error logs showed "Failed to handle request / The Internet connection appears to be offline".  (RNMT-4160)
  • [2020-07-15 14:30:00 UTC] Fixed the generation of Android apps when the app name starts with non-letter characters. A bug in Cordova caused this issue. (RNMT-4133)
  • [2020-07-29 15:30:00 UTC] Fixed occasional failures in server actions, in Android, when the app was handling multiple HTTP requests simultaneously. (RNMT-4220)
  • [2020-08-12 14:30:00 UTC] Fixed Server Actions so they finish execution properly and don't block flows from reaching the end. There was an issue with the HTTP requests on Android WebViews in versions earlier than 39. (RNMT-4224)
  • [2020-08-26 11:30:00 UTC] The build logs in Service Center now have more details to help you troubleshoot faster when an app fails to build.
  • [2020-08-26 11:30:00 UTC] Fixed the camera permission request on Android. Now the app asks for the camera permission when the user taps the upload button, and not for the storage permission. This bug blocked the camera from opening. (RNMT-4236)
  • [2020-09-09 15:30:00 UTC] Fixed an issue that prevented users from logging in iOS apps when the environment was hosted in a port that is not the default HTTPS port. (RNMT-4279)
  • [2020-10-07 16:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue with the initialization of the HTTP clients for the cache mechanism of the Android apps. (RNMT-4344)
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