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MABS Version 6.0

First release: 2019-09-18 14:00:00 UTC
Last update: 2020-02-26 14:30:00 UTC.

MABS 6.0 is an important milestone for all developers who publish on App Store and Play Store. This new MABS version uses Android 10 (API level 29), iOS 13 and iOS WkWebview engine, allowing you to continue to submit your iOS apps to the App Store and your Android apps to the Play store.

What's New

  • We introduce WKWebView as the default WebView to load web content in Mobile Apps. This ensures your apps are compliant with Apple Requirements to accept mobile applications to the store.
  • New Cordova Native Plugin for Network requests.
  • iOS applications now load from outsystems:// instead of https://. This enables the offline support with WKWebView.
  • Dropped support for iOS 10.
  • Mobile Apps Build Service now uses the latest iOS SDK 13, so you will be able to continue submitting your iOS apps to the App Store, in line with the recent Apple announcement.
  • Mobile Apps Build Service now uses Cordova iOS engine 5.0.1 for iOS apps. We highly recommend you revise your plugins for compatibility with this version.
  • Mobile Apps Build Service now uses CocoaPods version 1.7.5. You should revise your plugins that have dependencies for CocoaPods.
  • iOS apps now support iPhone11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and iPad (7th generation).
  • The workaround we provided for a known issue in MABS 4 to disable the viewport-fit tag is no longer needed. The workaround is now ignored, even if you’re using it.
  • MABS 6.0 Beta 3 introduces Android API level 29. This enables you to submit your Android apps to Google Play with the most recent target SDK.
  • MABS 6.0 Beta 3 uses Cordova Android engine 8.1.0 for Android apps. It is highly recommended that you ensure your plugins are compatible with the version 8.1.0.
  • The build process now has a more robust validation for the supported plugins. If the app is not using the minimum supported plugin version, the build request fails early with details available in the error output.
  • You can now check the network requests in iOS and Android by using the tool available in the debug builds created with MABS 6.0. For more information, see Inspect the HTTP requests in Mobile Apps for iOS.

Bug fixing

  • [2020-02-05 12:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue with the custom scheme handler for the WKWebView that was causing iOS apps to crash.
  • [2020-02-26 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache that prevented the app from starting correctly. Upon closing the app, the app would not launch again after the native cache failed to cache a new app version. (RNMT-3841)

System Requirements

Platform Server

To have access to MABS 6.0 you need the following versions of Platform Server:

  • OutSystems 10 - 10.0.1016.0 or later
  • OutSystems 11 - 11.0.539.0 or later

Service Studio

The minimal version of Service Studio that ensures proper work of the Mobile Debugger with MABS 6.0: 

  • Service Studio 10 - 10.0.1017.0 or later
  • Service Studio 11 - or later

SSL Pinning 

SSL Pinning plugin must be the latest version (4.0.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 6.0.

InAppBrowser Plugin

InAppBrowser plugin must be the latest version (2.2.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 6.0.

OneSignal Plugin

OneSignal plugin must be the latest version (3.1.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 6.0.

Local Notifications Plugin

Local Notifications plugin must be the latest version (6.1.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 6.0.

Breaking Changes and Known Limitations

Here is the list of issues that may appear when building your apps with MABS 6.0 Beta 2. Check MABS 6.0 Breaking Changes and Known Limitations for information on how to resolve potential issues.

  • XHR / Fetch requests to OutSystems servers don't work
  • Cookies from OutSystems servers are not accessible from document.cookie
  • RedirectToURL Event fails
  • Web Inspector doesn't show Network information
  • Content-Security-Policy may incur new violations in iOS. Android is unaffected.



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