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MABS Version 5.2

First release: 2019-12-26 13:30:00 UTC
Last update: 2021-09-29 14:00:00 UTC.

New in this version

  • Added support for HTTP redirects when using SSL Pinning.

Bug fixing

  • [2020-02-26 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache that prevented the app from starting correctly. Upon closing the app, the app would not launch again after the native cache failed to cache a new app version. (RNMT-3841)
  • [2020-03-11 16:00:00 UTC] We fixed an issue where MABS was not correctly handling Git URLs from less common domains. (RNMT-3897)
  • [2020-04-14 13:30:00 UTC] General improvements for internal traceability of MABS
  • [2020-04-29 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed the download of the iOS app cache resources that terminated unexpectedly after a download of a resource failed. (RNMT-4029)
  • [2020-04-29 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache system that was causing the download of app resources to fail with the timeout errors on iOS apps. (RNMT-4030)
  • [2020-08-25 14:30:00 UTC] The build logs in Service Center now have more details to help you troubleshoot faster when an app fails to build.
  • [2020-10-07 16:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue with the initialization of the HTTP clients for the cache mechanism of the Android apps. (RNMT-4344)
  • [2020-12-16 15:20:00 UTC] We improved the overall stability and security, with a focus on the mobile apps that use plugins with hooks. We recommend rebuilding your mobile apps and confirming they are working as expected. In cases where there are errors due to these security improvements, you'll see the error codes ERR-PLG-1017  (Error installing Cordova plugin) and ERR-GEN-1016 (Error generating application).
  • [2021-01-15 15:30:00 UTC] Improved the robustness of the build process in scenarios with potential permission errors. (RNMT-4586)
  • [2021-04-06 08:00:00 UTC] MABS now validates the iOS certificates and provision profiles in the initial phase of the build pipeline. This lets you see and fix potential errors early in the build process. (RNMT-4739)
  • [2021-07-01 11:30:00 UTC] Added validation to prevent native mobile apps from using SSL Pinning Plugin to pin to OutSystems managed certificates. For more information, check the documentation.
  • [2021-09-29 14:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue that potentially leads to resource exhaustion in Android apps in MABS 5. CVSSv3.1 score 4.8 (Medium) (RPM-740)


Known Issue

  • The issue with the screen flickering on iPhones running iOS 12, identified in MABS 4.0, when a user selects an input field in a screen with many inputs - occurs in MABS 5 as well, due to the same stack. The flickering happens when the viewport meta tag called “viewport-fit” is set to “cover”. Here are the instructions on how to fix the issue.


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