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MABS Version 5.2

First release: 2019-12-26 13:30:00 UTC
Last update: 2020-10-07 16:00:00 UTC.

New in this version

  • Added support for HTTP redirects when using SSL Pinning.

Bug fixing

  • [2020-02-26 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache that prevented the app from starting correctly. Upon closing the app, the app would not launch again after the native cache failed to cache a new app version. (RNMT-3841)
  • [2020-03-11 16:00:00 UTC] We fixed an issue where MABS was not correctly handling Git URLs from less common domains. (RNMT-3897)
  • [2020-04-14 13:30:00 UTC] General improvements for internal traceability of MABS
  • [2020-04-29 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed the download of the iOS app cache resources that terminated unexpectedly after a download of a resource failed. (RNMT-4029)
  • [2020-04-29 14:30:00 UTC] We fixed an issue with the cache system that was causing the download of app resources to fail with the timeout errors on iOS apps. (RNMT-4030)
  • [2020-08-25 14:30:00 UTC] The build logs in Service Center now have more details to help you troubleshoot faster when an app fails to build.
  • [2020-10-07 16:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue with the initialization of the HTTP clients for the cache mechanism of the Android apps. (RNMT-4344)


Known Issue

  • The issue with the screen flickering on iPhones running iOS 12, identified in MABS 4.0, when a user selects an input field in a screen with many inputs - occurs in MABS 5 as well, due to the same stack. The flickering happens when the viewport meta tag called “viewport-fit” is set to “cover”. Here are the instructions on how to fix the issue.


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