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MABS Version 4.0

First release: 2019-01-21 09:00:00 UTC

Last update: 2019-01-21 09:00:00 UTC.

New in this version 

  • Mobile Apps Build Service now uses the latest iOS SDK 12, so you will be able to continue submitting your iOS apps to the App Store, in line with the recent Apple announcement.
  • Mobile Apps Build Service now uses Cordova iOS engine 4.5.5 for iOS apps. We highly recommend you revise your plugins for compatibility with this version.
  • The definition of Splash Screens for iOS apps was replaced from Launch Images to Launch Storyboard Images. Learn more about defining Splash Screens for iOS in MABS 4.0.
  • iOS apps now support iPhone Xr/Xs/Xs Max and iPad Pro.

Bug fixing 

  • [2019-02-27 15:00:00 UTC] Improved handling of UI glitch due to the injection of the "viewport-fit" meta tag. You can now disable the injection of the meta tag for iOS 12 devices and change the background color of the app at runtime. (RNMT-2628)

Known issue

When a user selects an input field in a mobile app screen with many inputs, the screen flickers. This occurs in iPhones running iOS 12 when the viewport meta tag called “viewport-fit” is set to “cover”. This “viewport-fit” value is used by the WebView to fill the entire screen. 

To fix this issue, add the preference “DisableViewportFitForiOS12” to the Extensibility Configurations property and set it to “true”. This will disable the “viewport-fit” meta tag for all iPhone devices running iOS 12.

    "preferences": {
        "ios": [{
            "name": "DisableViewportFitForiOS12",
            "value": "true"

However this causes the app to stop using the entire screen, and an empty bottom bar appears over the “home” button area in iPhone X devices. Check out the Support KB article on styling the Status Bar and setting the WebView background color


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