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MABS Version 3.3


MABS Version 3.3

First released on 2018-08-22 14:00:00 UTC, last updated on 2018-12-19 18:00:00 UTC.

New in this version 

  • Android apps are now able to support servers with certificates from a private CA. (RNMT-1888)

Bug fixing

  • [2018-12-19 18:00:00 UTC] Fixed iOS crash when network state changes. (RNMT-2284)
  • [2018-12-19 18:00:00 UTC] Fixed Java 6/7/8 concurrent map compatibility. (RNMT-2291)
  • [2018-08-22 14:00:00 UTC] Fixed an issue that causes app crashes on startup whenever the app is unable to connect to the server. (RNMT-1890)
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