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LifeTime Management Console 11.7.1

Released on Sep 24, 2020

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue causing applications containing only extensions to be deployed to the wrong deployment zone. (RPD-5136)
  • Fixed several visual issues in the interface: the display of the environment warning/error messages; the size of the environment cards; the display of the environment registration wizard when the scroll is active; scroll in "Add application role" popup. (RLIT-4008)
  • Fixed issue on LifetimeSDK preventing the refreshing of Plugins references (RLIT-4066)
  • The endpoint GET /deployments/{deployment_key} of LifeTime API v2 now obtains also any module that will be deleted if that deployment is executed. (RLIT-4000)
  • Fixed issue preventing certificate options to be selected when adding a domain certificate in the cloud. (RLIT-4067)
Compatibility and Additional Resources
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