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LifeTime Management Console 11.5.2

Released on May 15, 2020

New in LifeTime Management Console 11.5.2

  • The setting to enable the PWA is now kept when staging an app between environments. This means that when you enable/disable the PWA distribution for an app in the development environment, the setting is the same in the next environment after the staging. (RTAF-1908)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users with "Monitor and Add Dependencies" permission level over a Team from accessing the Analytics data for that Team's applications. (RPD-3676)
  • Fixed an issue that revealed system modules in the environments. (RLIT-3492) (RLIT-3648)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime SDK that caused a database lock when invoking the action Deployment_Get with an empty DeploymentKey. (RLIT-3657)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime API v2 that caused the endpoint /users/{UserKey}/ to return a 405 error. (RLIT-3659)
  • Fixed the list of available roles when setting the user's role for a team or application. (RLIT-3718)
  • The link for Security Settings now appears correctly for on-premise environments in OutSystems Cloud LifeTime. (RPD-4788)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented roles with character '+' to synchronize properly. (RLIT-3642)
  • Due to an issue with the synchronization of the settings between LifeTime and Service Center, we removed the newly introduced single sign-on (SSO) setting from LifeTime. Please use Service Center of the environment to manage the SSO settings (go to Service Center > Administration > Security > Applications authentication > Common login settings). (RTAF-2729)
Compatibility and Additional Resources
  • Includes Platform Server 11.7.3.
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