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LifeTime Management Console 11.4.0

Released on Jan 30, 2020

New in LifeTime Management Console 11.4.0

  • Added impact capacity when editing a Role: on save, LifeTime now warns about what users will be affected by the changes in that Role. (RLIT-3112)
  • Added visibility in permission screens to the "Create Applications" and "Add Dependencies to System" options, when they are activated. (RLIT-3111)
  • Added a preview on User_Edit / ServiceAccount_Edit pages of the permissions the User / Service Account will have when creating a new User / Service Account or changing its default role. (RLIT-3079)
  • It’s now possible to configure Entities from external databases during deployment. (RDEV-1244)
  • Reviewed Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translations in all screens related to IT users management and permissions. (RLIT-3076)

Bug Fixing

  • The popup to add users to a team is now correctly showing the default role of the listed users. (RLIT-3365)
  • Fixed UI issues when resizing the screen to resolutions under 1024px. (RLIT-3366)
  • The display of user permissions in the Application_Permissions screen is now showing the correct labels for Full Control and Access permission levels instead of the equivalent application permission levels. (RLIT-3403)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime Deployment API v1 that was preventing to tag a mobile application using the native platform name, e.g. Android (v1). (RLIT-3395)
  • Fixed the create application feature inside the Team_edit screen, that was requesting the user to select a team again, instead of selecting the team automatically. (RLIT-3367)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some applications to not be presented in the applications list. (RLIT-3120)
  • Corrected the permissions for DBConnections and DBCatalogs screens so they can be accessed with the same permission level, i.e, "Monitor and Reference Applications" or higher. (RLIT-2977)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when deploying old application tags. (RPD-3745)

Known Issues

  • Creating a deployment plan containing modules with entities from external databases can fail during the "Configure applications settings" step.
  • In some scenarios when publishing a Solution in Service Center an error occurs during the “Upgrading and refreshing modules of '<Application Name>'" step. For more information check documentation (RPC-810)
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