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LifeTime Management Console Release Jul.2019

Released on Jul 30, 2019

New in LifeTime Management Console Release Jul.2019

  • Finished deployment plans can now be reused. There's a new link in the deployment execution screen and in the deployments list allowing you to create a new plan based on a previous plan. You can choose which environments you want to execute the new deployment plan to/from and whether you want to keep the same versions as the previous plan, or just the same applications. (RLIT-2697)
  • Deployment plans can now be accessed in the Applications tab by clicking the "Deployment Plans" link. In this screen, view and search the deployment plans, their current status, as well as access their details and available actions. (RLIT-2698)
  • Created a screen to easily manage the Early Access Features for environments and LifeTime. (RLIT-2780)
  • Capability to allow administrators to reschedule automatic updates in cloud infrastructures to a new suggested date. (RLIT-2824)
  • When retrying or reusing a deployment plan you can now understand if some applications were removed from the previous plan due to unavailability. (RLIT-2837)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime that caused cleanup old data to only remove partial data. (RLIT-2840)
  • Fixed an issue in the validation details screen where an error icon would be shown even if the validation issue is only a warning. (RLIT-2853)
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