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LifeTime Management Console Release May.2019

Released on May 27, 2019

New in LifeTime Management Console Release May.2019

  • Added a new Early Access Feature in LifeTime that enables you to configure the value of application Site Properties while planning a deployment. (RLIT-2644)
  • Added support to enable or disable Early Access Features. (RLIT-2641)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue for OutSystems hybrid infrastructures that was preventing the registration of on-premises environments when the environment connects to LifeTime using HTTPS. (RPD-3781)
  • For OutSystems hybrid infrastructures, it's now possible to set the maintenance window for the LifeTime environment by setting the maintenance window for the leftmost cloud environment in the infrastructure. Previously it wasn't possible to do this if the leftmost environment registered was on-premise. (RLIT-2613)
  • Improved the performance of LifeTime synchronization process when there are multiple applications being published at the same time. (RPD-3183)
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