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LifeTime Management Console Release Mar.2019

Released on Mar 18, 2019

New in LifeTime Management Console Release Mar.2019

  • You can now see application warnings (for example, indicating that an application is outdated) in the deployment edit screen when planning a deployment. (RLIT-1315)
  • The Deployment Status method in LifeTime Deployment APIs v1 and v2 will only return the deployment status 'finished' after the completion of the sync operation. (RLIT-2249)
  • Updated the embedded platform server to Platform Server 11 - Release Jan.2019 Cumulative Patch 2. (RLIT-2489)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime that automatically set the purpose of the environment incorrectly in cloud environments. (RLIT-2415)
  • Fixed an issue when choosing "Mark Hotfix as Solved" for mobile apps if the application hadn't been deployed to the next environment yet. (RPD-3871)
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