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LifeTime Management Console Release Sep.2018


LifeTime Management Console Release Sep.2018

New in Release Sep.2018

  • From this version, LifeTime needs to be installed in a dedicated environment.
  • LifeTime can manage environments with Platform Server release 10 or 11.
  • Improved the add application to a staging in LifeTime to select a default option by default. (RLIT-1993)
  • Added support for deployment to containers using LifeTime. (RLIT-1537)
  • The LifeTime Analytics has been updated so the device database information now includes recent devices, operating systems, and browsers. (RLIT-2152)
  • When an application is associated to a Deployment Zone configured to use containers as hosting technology, OutSystems platform will generate a bundle with all the assets needed to allow build and run your application in a container. (RSAT-385)
  • Added Role_GetEnvironmentPermissionsLevels method to RoleManagementService API from LifeTimeServices. Removed deprecated EnvironmentManagementService and ApplicationManagementService APIS, as well as UserManagementService\User_UpdateApplicationPermission method from LifeTimeServices. (RLIT-1561)
  • Improved LifeTime validations performance by adding a new weekly timer which deletes older cached module versions that are not longer required in the infrastructure (RLIT-1797)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the bug that caused the “Continue Deployment” button not to show in LifeTime. It occurred in some scenarios when multiple users were logged-in to the same Staging_Progress page. (RPD-3290)
  • Improved the description of PlatformTeams parameter of Team_List action, in TeamManagementService. (RLIT-2079)
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