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Experience Builder 1.0.0

Released on Aug 24, 2020

New in Experience Builder 1.0.0

  • Create fully functional frontend prototypes with UX/UI, architecture, and code best practices.
  • Leverage more than 40 flows, 150 screens, and 20 plugins that vary from authentication and authorization to industry-specific flows to build your application.
  • Create beautiful, native mobile experiences with production-ready OutSystems code in minutes.
  • Start an app from a blank canvas or choose one of our four application templates to get you started (Mobile Banking, Customer Insurance, Retail, and Patient Healthcare).
  • Quickly create and try out an application in your mobile device (either as a native build or as a PWA) or in your browser.
  • Never start a mobile application from scratch again, always start with a sound and scalable baseline to speed up your development times.
  • Use our visual business concepts to improve the collaboration between IT and Business and shorten your discovery cycle.
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