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Experience Builder

Experience Builder 1.1.0

Released on Nov 16, 2020

New in Experience Builder 1.1.0

  • Now, Experience Builder validates the published version of OutSystems UI during the publishing process and when you access the Settings screen.
  • Released a new Experience Builder Components package (version 1.0.3). The new components package includes an input mask for zip codes.
  • The Checkout flow of the Product and Catalog app type now includes the new zip code mask.
  • Improved the visual theme of the Experience Builder.
  • Now, if your environment uses Platform Server version 11.7.2 or later, Experience Builder automatically installs the Experience Builder Components package in your environment.
  • Added demo videos for each of the app template shown on the selection screen.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in generated apps that caused back navigation to stop working correctly after using the back button several times.

Experience Builder 1.0.2

Released on Nov 2, 2020

New in Experience Builder 1.0.2

  • Apps generated by Experience Builder now support right to left (RTL) text.
  • Improved the error messages shown when a problem occurs while publishing apps.
  • Improved the performance of app generation by ensuring that Experience Builder only checks for dependencies needed by the flows included in the app.
  • Selecting "Fix it now" in a blocker or warning now centers the view on the relevant flow.
  • Improved the validation of Forge components dependencies, now changing the name of a Forge component dependency doesn't trigger a false missing dependency error.
  • Experience Builder Components package version 1.0.2 is now available. Update your dependencies to the latest version in the Settings screen.

Experience Builder 1.0.1

Released on Sep 14, 2020

New in Experience Builder 1.0.1

  • Now, when you publish an app you can open it as a Progressive Web App (PWA), without going to Service Studio.
  • You can now use the Settings screen to check and install the newest versions of dependencies (Experience Builder package and Forge components).
  • You can now use the About screen to check what is the newest version of Experience Builder, its release date and release notes.
  • Now, every Experience Builder app complies with AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.
  • You can now use the OutSystems hub to navigate to other OutSystems tools, like LifeTime or Users.

Experience Builder 1.0.0

Released on Aug 24, 2020

New in Experience Builder 1.0.0

  • Create fully functional frontend prototypes with UX/UI, architecture, and code best practices.
  • Leverage more than 40 flows, 150 screens, and 20 plugins that vary from authentication and authorization to industry-specific flows to build your application.
  • Create beautiful, native mobile experiences with production-ready OutSystems code in minutes.
  • Start an app from a blank canvas or choose one of our four application templates to get you started (Mobile Banking, Customer Insurance, Retail, and Patient Healthcare).
  • Quickly create and try out an application in your mobile device (either as a native build or as a PWA) or in your browser.
  • Never start a mobile application from scratch again, always start with a sound and scalable baseline to speed up your development times.
  • Use our visual business concepts to improve the collaboration between IT and Business and shorten your discovery cycle.
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