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Development Environment


Development Environment

Development Environment 10.0.807.0

Released on Mar 05, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.807.0

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed issues with the automatic merge of CSS, JavaScript, Expressions and other textual properties. (RCOT-1074)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash while editing style classes in Properties Pane. (RICT-592)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when navigating back while an Aggregate is popped out to a separate window. (RPDT-1206)

Development Environment 10.0.801.0

Released on Feb 20, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.801.0

  • Improved the heuristics of the Extract to Action feature by reducing the number of input parameters for the record elements. (RIUT-212)
  • The shortcuts in Service Studio have been improved and some shortcuts were reassigned to different keys. Additionally, the Help menu now has entry Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+K) that opens the documentation page. (RIUT-130)
  • Improved the heuristics of the Extract to Action feature by removing unnecessary input parameters for Session Variables and Site Properties. (RIUT-213)
  • Added an "Add null checks to imported items" option to the "Import Actions from .NET Assembly" wizard in Integration Studio. (RPD-2606)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that generated wrong parameter types in the local entities created from the server entities. The bug caused errors in the built-in entity actions. (RAFT-1171)
  • Fixed a bug causing Service Studio to crash while pasting Blocks/Screens from other modules. The cause of crash was the invalid dependency resolution for CSS or JS of the referring elements. (RAFT-1177)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Service Studio to crash when publishing some public blocks that have private entities. (RAFT-1182)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using Extract to Action on a single Comment node. (RIUT-210)
  • Fixed a bug in the Extract to Action feature that caused invalid variable assignments during refactoring. (RIUT-214)

Development Environment 10.0.721.0

Released on Jan 29, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.721.0

  • Improved the look of scrollbars in Service Studio. (RAFT-1055)
  • Service Studio can now open multiple files from the environment at the same time. (Inspired by Edgar Ramos' idea!) (RIUT-146)
  • The application icon is now used as logo and module icon. (RIUT-184)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue when moving a screen to a different flow that was causing some values in type mappings to be lost. (RICT-588)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the removal of a missing producer reference in Manage Dependencies window. (ABE-735)
  • Fixed a crash when using recursive web blocks. (RAFT-1164)
  • Fixed a crash while aligning widgets using Styles Editor. (RAFT-1170)
  • Fixed an issue when creating local entities from server entities that was causing the entity actions of the created entity to get the wrong parameter types. (RAFT-1171)
  • Fixed a crash while writing in CSS Editor. (RICT-590)
  • Styles Editor now properly displays the colors even when inherited. (RICT-564)
  • Fixed a crash in merge operation when inspecting an action flow containing a RecordListToExcel node. (RCOT-783)

Development Environment 10.0.717.0

Released on Jan 08, 2018

New in Development Environment 10.0.717.0

  • Updated adb and SharpAdbClient to improve debugging of mobile apps on Android. (RAFT-1095)
  • The look of scroll bars in Service Studio is improved and made consistent. (RAFT-1055)
  • Improved debugging of mobile apps when using newer versions of Chrome. (RAFT-1006)
  • A dialogue now shows when you create local entities from the server entities, enabling you to select the attributes for the local storage. (RAFT-1005)
  • Service Studio now shows a performance warning if an image in a mobile app is bigger than 500KB. (RAFT-869)
  • Removed a bitmap from UI for “Paste as” dialogue of the Widget Tree. (RAFT-1053)
  • Service Studio can now open multiple OML/OAP files from the disk at the same time. (RIUT-108)
  • The upper-cased keywords TODO, TBD, and REMINDER in a comment now automatically set the comment as a reminder. (RIUT-85)
  • It is now possible to extract parts of the flow into a new action by selecting the flow elements and choosing “Extract to Action” after right-clicking the selection. (RIUT-126)
  • Improved Submit Feedback experience to be less intrusive and send crash reports by default. (RIUT-9)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that prevented ListFilter, ListAny, ListAll, ListIndexOf and ListSort from returning the results because some attributes from the source list were ignored. (ABE-674)
  • Fixed an error that caused a crash when double-clicking the “Executed SQL” property in the properties pane of the Service Studio connected to a production environment. (ABE-666)
  • Fixed a bug that enabled adding a reference to a local storage entity in a web module. (ABE-677)
  • Fixed a bug in the Service Studio merge feature that caused a functionally identical Aggregate to be shown as modified. (RCOT-447)
  • Fixed a bug in the Service Studio merge feature that caused a functionally identical SQL node from a previous version to be shown as modified. (RCOT-288)
  • Fixed a bug in the merge window that caused some elements to be marked as modified (for example, WebScreens, Actions, Processes), even when there were no changes to them. (RCOT-245)
  • Dragging an image to an existing image widget now replaces the image and does not create a new widget. (RIUT-101)
  • The comment nodes now don’t cover the flow connectors. (RIUT-82)
  • The focus is now on the new window after connecting to another environment. (RIUT-81)

Development Environment 10.0.715.0

Released on Dec 12, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.715.0

  • It is now possible to style the widgets with the new Style Editor panel without using CSS. (RICT-461)
  • Improved the Debugger Tab UI. (RAFT-1027)
  • Improved Help menu options and icons. (RIUT-23)
  • Added gridlines when dragging new elements from the Toolbox into flows. (RIUT-56)
  • Added gridlines when dragging multiple nodes in the flow. (RIUT-93)
  • Service Studio and Integration Studio now appear in Windows menu prefixed with "OutSystems" so that they are easier to find. (RIUT-94)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an error when selecting a Refresh Data node having the Aggregate Editor popped out in a separate window. (ABE-660)
  • Fixed an error when double-clicking the Executed SQL property having the Aggregate Editor open in Production mode. (ABE-666)

Development Environment 10.0.713.0

Released on Nov 20, 2017

New in IDE 10.0.713.0

  • When working within the "View Data" of an Entity, errors and warnings no longer appear in the TrueChange tab. (RPDT-960)
  • Now you can automatically align Screens in Flow and Entities in Diagram by selecting the elements and right-clicking. (RIUT-59)
  • A warning message now appears if you try to publish application with unresolved performance warnings. (RAFT-999)
  • Double-clicking a warning about screen/block client action handlers now opens the action and focuses on the screen/block property. (RAFT-930)
  • Added fix suggestions for warnings about unused code elements. (RAFT-929)
  • TrueChange™ tab title now shows the total number of errors and warnings. (RAFT-928)
  • Added a warning in mobile app development if an image is bigger than 500 KB. (RAFT-869)
  • Added a new performance suggestion in mobile app development for JavaScript nodes that have a large amount of code. (RAFT-864)
  • The TrueChange™ tab now shows a new category of warnings, “Performance Suggestion”. (RAFT-860)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed misalignment when nodes have labels with two lines. (RIUT-58)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging and aligning nodes across connectors. (RIUT-55)
  • The focus is no longer lost when the merge operation is performed without selecting all the elements, so the details of the selected element always show. (RCOT-493)
  • Fixed a bug in merge window that caused some elements to be marked as modified (for example, WebScreens, Actions, Processes), even when there were no changes to them. (RCOT-245)
  • Double-clicking Label now opens the Expression Editor to edit value. Also, double-clicking Form and EditableTable opens the Expression Editor to edit data property. (RAFT-1002)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when copying and pasting the Entity Diagrams between modules with public and non-public Entities. (ABE-632)

Development Environment 10.0.709.0

Released on Oct 30, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.709.0

  • JavaScript element parameters can now be copied and pasted in other JavaScript elements or pasted as Screen/Action variables and parameters. (RAFT-925)
  • The Text widget is now available in Service Studio's toolbox and can be dropped in screens and blocks. (RAFT-820)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed issue in Service Studio where the "Manage Dependencies..." dialog included too many dependencies and manually removing them would cause an error. (RPD-2770)
  • When opening the "Manage Dependencies..." dialog in Service Studio the focus is now set to the producer modules search box. (RICT-419)
  • Improved the user experience of connecting iOS devices for debugging. (RAFT-943)
  • Fixed the entity attribute rename operation in Service Studio that in some cases did not update every occurrence of the previous name, causing runtime errors. (RPD-2734)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash when deleting a structure being used as a data type of a Data Action output parameter. (ABE-567)
  • Fixed "Ambiguous paths" error disappearing in server/client actions after editing the properties of the flow element with the error. (ABE-566)

Development Environment 10.0.707.0

Released on Oct 9, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.707.0

  • It is now possible to debug mobile apps directly in mobile devices by connecting the devices to Service Studio with a USB cable. (RAFT-852)
  • Added a new warning about potential infinite cycles of queries when the OnAfterFetch event causes the refresh of its own aggregate. (RAFT-848)
  • Revamped status icons in Debugger and Manage Dependencies window. (ABE-499)
  • Added spinner animation to infinite scroll action scaffolding to provide waiting feedback to end users. (RAFT-668)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a bug that caused Service Studio to crash while editing a Static Entity record in Records tab and changing the Entity in the Data tab. (ABE-517)
  • Fixed a bug that caused module to be invalid because one of the referenced entities was already present but hidden. (RPD-2319)
  • Fixed a bug that made Service Studio classify a reference as modified even after refreshing it. (RPD-2317)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Java NullPointerException during compilation when the SOAP WSDL elements had the same name. (RPD-2731)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Java NullPointerException when publishing a module with a WSDL that has two complex nested types defined inside the lists with the same name. (RPD-2562)
  • Improved tooltips, warning messages, and documentation for the OnInitialize event in mobile apps. (RAFT-542)
  • Minor GUI fixes: when creating a new app the description now shows all text; the underscore in new module name input field is now visible. (RPDT-839)
  • When the personal environment you are connected to becomes inactive, you will now be prompted to visit the environment and activate it. (RPDT-813)

Development Environment 10.0.704.0

Released on Sep 19, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.704.0

  • The debugging of client-side actions in a desktop browser is now available. It requires the Platform Server version 10.0.705.0 or higher. (RAFT-833)
  • Introduced canvas guidelines that help arrange and align flow elements. (RICT-325)
  • Added spinner animation to infinite scroll action scaffolding to provide waiting feedback to end users. (RAFT-668)
  • Introduced the ability to refresh the data preview in Aggregates through the right-click pop-up menu. (RPD-2591)
  • Increased the number of Service Studio search results from 5 to 10 per category and fixed the scroll of results. (RICT-161)
  • Improved text diff&merge implementation to merge non-conflicting text while merging different versions of a module. (RCOT-406)
  • Service Studio now allows importing resources by dragging and dropping multiple files with any kind of extension (.js, .txt, .json, .swf, ...) to the Resources folder. (RAFT-771)
  • Toolbox elements of the client actions were reorganized to promote implementation of best practices. (RAFT-658)
  • Introduced bulk copy and paste of input and output parameters between JavaScript elements. (RAFT-872)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a problem that resulted in Service Studio crashing in some circumstances while loading an eSpace. (RPD-2548)
  • Fixed an issue where SQL autocomplete changed the focus from the SQL line to the element in the treeview. (RPD-2100)
  • Static entity records added in producer modules are now properly detected as outdated references in consumer module Manage Dependencies dialogue. (RPD-1547)
  • Fixed an issue regarding eSpace permissions validation that caused the error “System.Exception: Please fix isEqual” during publishing. (RCOT-457)
  • Fixed Web Block widgets not being focused when debugging an Ajax Refresh. (RAFT-836)
  • Improved tooltips, warning messages, and documentation for the OnInitialize event in mobile apps. (RAFT-542)
  • Fixed Entity Editor crash when changing a Static Entity from elsewhere with the editor opened in the Records tab. (ABE-517)
  • Updated no lock-in tutorial resource dependencies. (RPDT-775)

Development Environment 10.0.613.0

Released on Aug 09, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.613.0

  • Service Studio now allows importing resources by dragging and dropping multiple files with any kind of extension (.js, .txt, .json, .swf, ...) to the Resources folder. (RAFT-771)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed hangs in Service Studio while renaming an object if a background task began executing at the same time, such as previewing the data of an aggregate or starting the debugger. (RPD-2448)
  • Improved the stability of the TrueChange™ panel. (RICT-270)
  • Fixed incorrect difference highlighting in textual comparisons during Compare and Merge operations. (RCOT-427)

Known Issue

  • It is not possible to open the Extensibility Configurations editor. As a workaround you can edit your configurations in an external text editor by copying and pasting them. This issue only affects this Development Environment version and will be fixed in the next patch.

Development Environment 10.0.611.0

Released on Jul 21, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.611.0

  • Added the ability of aligning and distributing nodes within a logic flow. (MFRI-103)

Bug Fixing

  • TrueChange tab now displays a warning when a Structure has two attributes with the same 'Name in JSON'. (RPD-2101)
  • Fixed an issue in the merge operation that was causing Service Studio to crash if the user double-clicked a Structure element with differences between the two compared versions. (RPD-1844)

Development Environment 10.0.609.0

Released on Jun 29, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed issues related with external dependencies. (RPD-2418) 

Development Environment 10.0.608.0

Released on Jun 22, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed desynchronization between entity and structure definitions and their usages in list operations like ListSort, ListFilter, ListAny and ListAll. (RPD-2400)
  • Fixed a problem with Manage Dependencies that could result in compilation errors. (RPD-2390)

Development Environment 10.0.607.0

Released on June 21, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in concurrent debugging requests that did not allow to go back to the first request when a new debugging request was started. (RAFT-745)
  • Fixed a problem with references that could result in compilation errors. (RPD-2390)

Development Environment 10.0.606.0

Released on June 19, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.606.0

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio that was causing a crash when debugging a Process. (RPD-2347)
  • Fixed an issue that could result in broken references when deleting a public entity and then creating a new one with the same name. (RPD-2309)
  • Fixed an issue that in, certain circumstances, was causing the module to have outdated or broken references when using Add/Remove References. This affected only mobile modules when referencing a public block using a private block that is not located in the same UI flow as the public block. (RPD-2353)
  • Fixed an issue in Undo operation that was causing the increase of the .oml file size. (RPD-2153)
  • Fixed a crash in the loading of widget toolbar hand grab cursor when starting Service Studio. (RPD-2069)
  • Fixed an error when pressing Control+C after selecting some text in a javascript editor during a merge operation. (RPD-1387)
  • Fixed crash in Service Studio that sometimes occurred when the download module version from the server was canceled. (RPD-928)
  • Fixed a potential crash when undoing a change to a text literal for which there is a translation. (RPD-2095)

Development Environment 10.0.502.0

Released on May 25, 2017

New in Development Environment 10.0.502.0

  • Added support for Unicode characters in application names. (RPD-1600)
  • Revamped the icons for Find Usages, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. (RPDT-390)
  • Revamped the icons for the Debugger. (RPDT-333)
  • Added the ability to copy client actions to server actions and vice-versa. (RPD-883)
  • Added the ability to refresh preview data in aggregates by pressing "Shift+F5" on an Aggregate View. (RPD-1494)
  • Added usability improvements and small tweaks to the tutorials. (RPDT-446)
  • Improved the label alignment in the screen and flow toolbox. (RPDT-316)
  • "Convert to Autocomplete" now correctly generates a save Action when using Long Integer identifiers. (RSWT-45)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed memory consumption while upgrading eSpaces with extremely large flows within ForEach nodes. (RPD-1898)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Assign mappings to be lost when changing another mapping that was being made on a structure that had attributes of type "Record”. (RPD-1843)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Service Studio to crash when saving the eSpace. (RPD-1810)
  • Fixed the Reset search button of the screen and flow toolbox that appeared incorrectly with the toolbox collapsed. (RPDT-317)
  • Improved the performance of deleting multiple selected elements in an Action flow. (RPD-1800)
  • Entity View Data now displays all hidden column markers. (RPD-1755)
  • Improved Entity View Data to show all attributes of the entity by default and to remember previously hidden attributes. (RPD-1740)
  • Consuming REST APIs with array of arrays is now allowed. (RPD-1736)
  • Fixed occasional tutorial crashes when creating a new application. (RPD-1730)
  • Fixed losing code when merging conflicting actions that use type conversions over generic record lists. (RPD-1704)
  • Improved the performance of the Remove Unused Elements command (in Module menu). (RPD-1698)
  • Fixed the copy of the "Build a Web App in 5 min" tutorial if the user didn't replace the default screen with the Contacts screen. (RPD-1643)
  • Fixed an issue in "Remove Unused References" that resulted in errors in the module. (RPD-1626)
  • Property "Extensibility Configurations" of mobile modules is now correctly displayed in the Compare and Merge window. (RPD-1609)
  • Fixed an issue occurring for hidden MaxRecords property of the Refresh Data flow element that was causing the Service Studio to crash. (RPD-1596)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Service Studio to crash when using the Next Result command (F3 and Shift+F3) in the results of a search. (RPD-1531)
  • Fixed compilation error caused by using Remove Unused References. (RPD-1471)
  • Fixed an issue in Integration Studio that was allowing extensions to be published without binaries, causing compilation errors when referencing the extension in Service Studio. (RPD-1339)
  • Fixed an issue in object’s properties panel that was allowing the edition of read-only properties. (RPD-1214)
  • Fixed an issue occurring during a Compare and Merge operation involving Entity Diagrams. (RCOT-272)
  • Fixed an issue in Merge operation that was causing translation behaviors not being deleted from the local eSpace when they did not exist in the selected eSpace. (RCOT-17)
  • Fixed an issue in Compare and Merge window that was causing some translations with conflicts not being shown. (RCOT-16)
  • Fixed an issue in Compare and Merge window that was causing the flags indicating the differences between eSpaces not showing up in zones not visible when the screen loaded. (RCOT-12)

Development Environment 10.0.407.0

Released on April 03, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a Service Studio crash when Suspending Current Requests while debugging an application.
  • Fixed a Service Studio crash while doing the 'Build a Mobile App in 5 min' tutorial.
  • Fixed the Select Variable window that was not showing which variables were already assigned.
  • Fixed the CSS Editor of mobile apps that did not show tabs for the stylesheets of base themes when editing the stylesheet of a theme.
  • Fixed the Assign tool when using CTRL+D command to delete an assignment, the next assignment could not be deleted using CTRL+D again.
  • Fixed the Layout property of a Theme in mobile apps that showed an empty value in the list and now shows ‘(None)’.
  • Fixed the Refresh All button that was not disabled after all dependencies were manually refreshed.
  • Changed how Integration Studio launches Eclipse to edit Java source code by adding support to newer versions and cases where it is installed under C:\Program Files.

Development Environment 10.0.405.0

New in Development Environment 10.0.405.0

  • New option in Module menu to 'Generate Mobile App'.
  • Application icons can now have transparency.
  • Improved performance of the Upload step in 1-Click Publish (Service Studio)

Bug Fixing

  • The OutSystemsNowService module can now be added as a reference in Service Studio. (#1581303)
  • Added icons to entities to better identify them in the Aggregate editor and Aggregate properties pane. (#1582970)
  • Added a validation to only allow deploying if foreign keys to Process entities have their Delete Rule set to 'Ignore'. (#1396289)
  • Removed data manipulation operations in the 'View Data' option in the right-click menu of an Entity. (#1498746)
  • The Copy Value command in the Debugger now copies the full value of the variable. (#999428)
  • It's no longer possible to copy and paste referenced Web Blocks. (#1399162)
  • Fixed JavaScript Node autocomplete issues. (#1582964)
  • Fixed find usage of a CSS class that was not working when the class name had a hyphen. (#1566603)
  • Fixed errors that occurred when importing/refreshing SAP attributes with more than 8 decimal places. (#1562369)
  • Fixed mismatching type errors when upgrading from 9.1 to 10. (#1627312)
  • Fixed some issues related to entity names generated by Bootstrap from Excel. (#1555230)
  • Fixed Service Studio error when extension references were removed. (#1313889)
  • Fixed Input widgets bound to non-mandatory record attributes. Now they no longer lose a mandatory value specified by the user. (#1579551)
  • Fixed and improved Esc key behaviors to close pop-up windows. (#1584393)
  • Fixed elements properties that sometimes were read-only. (#1486276)
  • Fixed the error of selecting 'View Data' in the right-click menu of an Entity and Service Studio asked to republish. (#1492293)
  • Fixed usability issue when scrolling Aggregates data horizontally. (#1418365)
  • Made sure that users have selected the right type of app and template before continuing their tutorial. (#902377)

Development Environment 10.0.303.0

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the upgrade of extensions via Service Center to get hanged. Applies only to the Development Environment installation on the server side. (#1565959)

Development Environment 10.0.302.0

New in Development Environment 10.0.302.0

  • Updated OutSystems brand name and image.
  • Added new icons for list operations to improve the readability of action flows.
  • Fixed minor issues and improved usability for first-time users in Service Studio Tutorial.
  • Integer data type is now suggested for LongInteger data type objects.
  • Widget identifiers are now suggested for input parameters named "WidgetId", "InputId", etc.
  • Added support for "Insert Widget" commands in mobile modules.
  • The modules and functions of OutSystems JavaScript API now appear as autocomplete items when editing the code inside a JavaScript element.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the ability to see which attributes of an entity have already been assigned in an Assign element when opening the "Select Variable" window. (#1526041)

  • Hyphen sign (-) is now a valid character in the Application name. (#1455867)
  • Improved popup windows in Service Studio to remember their previous positions. (#1526040)
  • Fixed an error in Integration Studio when importing tables from a SQL Server database having columns defined as nvarchar(max). (#1422693)
  • Fixed issue related to properties rebinding when upgrading modules from version 9.0 to OutSystems 10. (#1419215)
  • Screen Aggregates are now correctly pluralized. (#1526044)
  • Fixed a compilation error using SOAP Web Services in Java when the name of the structure starts with lower case followed by upper case. (#1392909)
  • Fixed issue when trying to resize widgets on screens with theme parameters with negative gutters. (#617382)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio when dragging a WebBlock with sample content. (#1376632)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Studio when changing the Length property of an Entity Attribute to an invalid value. (#1362898)
  • Fixed the order of properties in BPT Wait nodes. (#1383422)
  • Fixed Service Studio error when manipulating Entities with cyclic references on the identifier attribute. (#1377198)
  • Dragging data actions with a single output to the screen now has the same result as dragging the output only. (#1526057)
  • Type conversions associated with a referenced Structure are now being updated when refreshing that Structure. (#1359017)
  • Improved automatic data type selection based on variable names. (#1300732)
  • Fixed error causing duplication of Custom Icons in User Actions. (#1435450)

Known Issues

  • This version has an issue that may cause the upgrade of extensions via Service Center to get hanged. Applies only to the Development Environment installation on the server side. Please use the 10.0.303.0 instead.

Development Environment

New in Development Environment

  • Automatically generate actions to do offline data synchronization between Database and Local Storage Entities. To generate a synchronization action, right-click the Entity in Local Storage and select the pattern that suits your application use case:

  • Service Studio and Integration studio have new icons:

  • Allow copying the results of the find usages window using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-A, CTRL-C).
  • Added security warning validations (e.g.: open redirect) for mobile runtime applications.
  • Mobile application version upgrade messages can now be customized at design-time.
  • Dragging a data action with a single output to the screen will now scaffold UI based on the output type.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed Native tab in Service Studio not fitting in smaller resolutions. (#1435452)
  • Fixed error related to messaging encoding when Service Studio requested a Native Build. (#1435456)
  • Fixed Stylesheets not getting properly updated when the extension of a referenced Image changed. (#1381317)
  • Improved Service Studio’s performance when editing screens with a large number of widgets (6000+). (#1370378)
  • Fixed Actions not being marked as Async when using $resolve and $reject as callbacks. (#1435458)
  • Fixed wrong suggestions being displayed in the "Add source" operation of aggregates. (#1320430)
  • Improved performance when handling actions with custom icons (e.g: drag and drop). (#1435450)
  • Fixed usability issues using Aggregate "Test Values" with text parameters. (#1319491)
  • You can now see the attribute details for variables of complex types in the properties pane. (#1435453)
  • Dragging a local storage entity which has an attribute with type of entity identifier from a server entity was wrongly creating an aggregate with a join between the two entities. (#1351309)
  • Fixed local storage images not being rendered when using hide/show patterns. (#1435449)
  • Fixed OnScrollEnding event being triggered on scroll up event. (#1435451)
  • We now prevent two consecutive events being triggered on a List Item widget. (#1435448)
  • Fixed not be able to refresh a script dependency. (#1327889)
  • Fixed rare Service Studio crash after cloning a module. (#1315974)
  • Fixed type conversions not being refreshed after changing inner structures. (#1435459)
  • Fixed Service Studio crash when drag-and-dropping an entity to a screen with errors. (#1364052)
  • Fixed using CurrDate()/CurrTime()/CurrDateTime() as default value that were being evaluated when the application was loaded, returning always the same default value. (#1435460)
  • Fixed Service Studio inability to reference OutSystems Now. (#1416349)
  • Fixed issue when upgrading translations from 9.1 to 10. (#1407315)
  • Added null values to Static Entity test value drop down menu. (#1375889)
  • Allow NullIdentifier() and CurrDate() in Aggregate test values. (#1375892)


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