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Architecture Dashboard 1.4

Released on Dec 22, 2020

New in Architecture Dashboard 1.4

  • Released version 4.0 of the probes. This new version adds the ability to collect the LifeTime permissions for known users, and allows the configuration of a proxy while connecting to the Architecture Dashboard SaaS. (RADRT-871)
  • Now the permissions that IT users have while using Architecture Dashboard are mapped from the permissions set in LifeTime for the code analysis environment. This feature is available on probe version 4.0. (RADRT-840)
  • Added a new REST endpoint ( to the Architecture Dashboard SaaS with security improvements. To connect to the new REST endpoint you must use probe version 4.0. (RADRT-865)
  • Improved the export to Excel of the findings report thanks to your feedback. (RADRT-947)
  • Improved the message shown when a new probe version is available. (RADRT-984)
  • Improved the visual theme of the Architecture Dashboard. (RADRT-808)
  • You can now use the OutSystems hub to navigate to other OutSystems tools. (RADRT-872)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that occurred while associating an IT User with Architecture Dashboard that caused you to be redirected to the wrong Architecture Dashboard screen after forcing you to log in twice. (RADRT-906)
  • Fixed and issue that caused warnings to appear in the wrong location in the canvas screen. (RADRT-963)
  • Fixed an issue that caused false positive findings for the "Large Image/Large Resource" pattern. (RADRT-925)
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