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Architecture Dashboard 1.10

Released on August 26, 2021

New in Architecture Dashboard 1.10

  • Improved the "Avoid Anonymous and/or Registered access Screens" pattern by reducing the number of false positives. The pattern now ignores anonymous screens created by default ("Login", "InternalError", "InvalidPermissions", and "NoPermissions").
  • Now, the "Missing description on public element" pattern ignores attributes of entities and structures that don't have descriptions.
  • Now, the "Unlimited Records in Aggregate" pattern ignores aggregates with a single source filtered by entity primary key without "Max. Records" defined.
  • Removed the "Not checking if the mobile device is compromised" pattern.
  • Removed the "Image widgets without width" pattern.
  • Removed the "Prefix Timer actions" pattern.
  • Improved the message that tells you when the last synchronization occurred and when the next one should occur. Now, you'll also see a warning if the last synchronization occurred more than 12 hours ago.

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused a timeout while loading the list of Duplicated Code findings. (RADRT-1478)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the toggling of the "AI auto-classification" feature. (RPM-1256)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening findings in the cross-platform Service Studio. (RADRT-1551)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred while using Discovery for the architecture analysis that prevented the creation of architecture findings.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred after enabling the "AI auto-classification", and that caused Discovery-specific architecture patterns (that included architecture sublayers) to still show. (RADRT-1212)
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