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Architecture Dashboard 1.1

Released on Aug 13, 2020

New in Architecture Dashboard 1.1

  • Now, Architecture Dashboard defines the architecture layer classification of a module using AI. You can override the layer classification of a module that was auto-classified using AI. This feature is available on probe version 3.0. (RADRT-615)
  • Now, Discovery doesn't need to be installed during setup, but you can still use Discovery to do the architecture analysis. This feature is available on probe version 3.0. (RADRT-612)
  • Added tooltips to the Technical Debt Trends chart. (RADRT-602)
  • Performance improvements on Architecture Dashboard canvas.(RADRT-600)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue while downloading the probes on Safari browser. (RADRT-605)
  • Fixed an issue with the zoom to fit on Architecture Dashboard canvas when selecting a team. (RADRT-603)
  • Fixed issue that sometimes prevented the user from downloading the probes that were sent by email. (RADRT-590)
  • Fixed the presentation of the "Latest sync date" on canvas that wasn't always being shown in UTC. (RADRT-571)
  • Fixed issue with the old experience that caused some duplicate findings. (RADRT-638)
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