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Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP3

Released on Nov 25, 2019

New in Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP3

  • Added support for Oracle 19c. This applies to the platform database, as well as external databases. (RSAT-1859)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue in SEO Friendly URLs that was preventing new alias rules for modules to work properly in Oracle stack. (RPD-4436)
  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly triggering the "Required Field" validation message for a Button Group. (RPD-3591)
  • We fixed the compilation of a Screen Aggregate for local storage Entities with a dynamic sort. (RTAF-1645)
  • Fixed share folders being deleted between the first stage and the second stage of a solution publish when a module is being published for the first time. (RPD-4503)
  • Fixed a crash publishing a solution with two-stage deployment when the solution contains modules that belong also to another solution that was previously prepared for deploy. (RPD-4502)
  • Command objects are now disposed in generated code for Aggregates, SQL elements, and Entity Actions. (RPD-4443)
  • Fixed Service Center application pool crashes in error request scenarios. (RPD-4486)
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