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Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP2

Released on Nov 07, 2019

New in Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP2

  • Added support for Oracle 18c. This applies both to the platform database and to external databases. (RSAT-1860)
  • It's now possible to use Client Variables in Aggregates. (RTAF-1334)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing mobile apps from installing on iPadOS 13. (RNMT-3294)
  • Button Group widget now gets the selected value style when the value's data type is different from text or number. (RTAF-1260)
  • Removed unnecessary audits from the TemplateManager module that could cause high number of requests after solution publications. (RPC-285)
  • The Table in Reactive Web now highlights which column is being sorted. (RTAF-1413)
  • Fixed issues with applying configurations, finalizing solutions, and apps publication in environments with a high number of modules. (RPC-355)
  • Fixed an issue preventing users of different tenants from submitting feedback. (RPD-4419)
  • Fixed Scheduler service to make it more resilient to being stopped while it is still processing jobs or with queued jobs to be processed. (RPD-4356)
  • Fixed an issue with Platform license becoming invalid in after machine restarts in recent versions of Windows due to serial number changing. (RPD-4216)
  • Improves performance of ECT_Provider when we have huge number of user groups. (RPD-4407)
  • Fixed an issue in the "LDAP_Search" action, included in the Authentication extension of the Users application, that was limiting the returned results to a maximum of 1000 entries. (RPD-4379)
  • Fixed redirecting users to the Service Center homepage when trying to view a module detail with an External Authentication provider enabled. (RPC-445)
  • Fixed a compilation error when publishing a solution with applications using a custom user provider that is not included in the solution and has compatibility issues. If the user provider is either missing in the environment or it is incompatible, you will now get a warning about this situation. (RPD-4368)
  • Fixed compilation error when an effective user provider is not included in a solution. (RPD-4361)
  • Fixed last_login not being updated when users login in Mobile Applications or from within a Web Service request. (RPD-4332)
  • Fixed the error "Circular attribute group reference" when executing the XMLDocument_Load action of the Xml extension. (RPD-3742)
  • Optimized Configuration Tool load time on scenarios where the database does not exist. (RSAT-1787)
  • Fixed incorrect tenant for eSpaces using an overridden effective user provider. (RPD-4377)
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