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Platform Server Release Jul.2019 CP2

Released on Aug 23, 2019

New in Platform Server Release Jul.2019 CP2

  • The installation checklist now includes the instructions to disable Adaptive Optimizer features (OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_PLANS, OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_STATISTICS) in Oracle 12c R2. (RSAT-1623)
  • The Users application now supports SAML 2.0 authentication out of the box, including specific configurations for Azure AD, for authenticating the end-users of your OutSystems applications. (RSBO-540)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed brute force login check that blocked all logins behind a proxy when the X-Forwarded-For header field included a port number. (RPD-4272)
  • Fixed issue so inputs inside forms properly create an anchor element with text (conforming with WCAG21 AAA). (RPD-4274)
  • Fixed the installation with OEM licenses to allow installation of the Forge components from the installation checklist. (RPD-4276)
  • Fixed Platform DB recovery mode being set to Simple when the same DB is used for both Platform and Logging. (RPD-4282)
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