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Platform Server Release Jul.2019 CP1

Released on Jul 25, 2019

New in Platform Server Release Jul.2019 CP1

  • Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on MySQL external database connections. Warning: OutSystems now distributes BouncyCastle (v1.8.3) and Google.Protobuf (v. alongside the MySQL driver - this may impact the existing extensions that use different versions. (RSAT-1258)
  • Downloading a mobile app by scanning the QR code in Service Studio is now possible on iOS 13. (RTAF-628)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Dependencies to be added in Search in other Modules. (RDEV-413)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.0 score 7.5 (High). (RNMT-2812)
  • Fixed an issue in the Spanish translation of RichWidgets. (RPD-3132)
  • Fixed compilation error that occurred when SOAP Faults were using types based on the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime). (RPD-3979)
  • Fixed bug where attributes of structures created by an Integration Plugin which had default values could not be consumed in another module. (RPD-3862)
  • Fixed compilation error when removing Entity or Structure attributes that are still used in consumer modules. (RSBO-630)
  • Description of entities using Japanese characters will be saved using Unicode correctly after first publish. (RPD-4258)
  • Fixed incorrect advanced query GetUsersByRoleId in the Users application. (RPD-4220)
  • Fixed missing producers when consuming/refreshing references while logged in using a composite user name (domain\username). (RPD-4185)
  • Fixed an issue in 1-Click Publish when a module is renamed changing only the case (e.g. from ModuleName to ModuleNAME), which was causing the module to be incorrectly undeployed. (RSCT-2042)
  • Fixed an issue in the pre-requisites checking stage of the Platform Server installer so it doesn't fail for Windows installations using Japanese language. (RPD-4212)

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