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Platform Server 11.9.1

Released on Sep 24, 2020

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed crash on Chrome while uploading files bigger than 100MB in Reactive Web and Mobile Apps. (RPD-5151)
  • Solved issue that could cause timeouts in Configuration Tool, on SQL servers (RIDT-211)
  • Fixed Oracle database upgrade scripts from O10 to O11 that caused a missing table to allow BPT Events to work correctly after the upgrade to 11.9. (RPM-387)
  • Generated applications now correctly identify and load all third party library versions in order to prevent inconsistent runtime behaviors. This behavior is disabled by default. (RRCT-3106)
  • Fixed a compilation error in Oracle when an Entity attribute type was changed from Long Integer to Decimal (20,0). The system will no longer consider this a change in the database. (RPD-5206)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.1 score 7.4 (High). (RTAF-3379)
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