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Platform Server 11.7.3

Released on Feb 17, 2020

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed error when resetting Authentication configuration in the Users application after upgrading from previous Platform Server 11.7.x versions. (RSBO-1110)
  • Fixed an issue in Configuration Tool when there's an incomplete SAML configuration, occurring in Oracle Databases. (RSBO-1222)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a link that should open a popup window would not work depending of the order of the widgets. (RTAF-2216)
  • Fixed an issue with the "Retry" and "Skip" buttons of activities with errors in Service Center>Monitoring>Processes. (RPC-737)
  • Fixed an optimization bug that caused a compilation error while publishing a Module with Service Actions that don't query a database. (RPD-4695)
  • Mitigates MySQL connector bug by not disposing SQL commands. (RPD-4782)
  • Headers are now sent in consumed SOAP Web Services requests. (RSBO-1040)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred while deleting applications. CVSS v3.0 score 3.8 (Low). (RPC-607)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.0 score 9.1 (Critical). (RLIT-3368)
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