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Development Environment 11.7.4

Released on Apr 27, 2020

New in Development Environment 11.7.4

  • Fixed a problem with Service Studio that would result in public processes in a module being incorrectly exposed to other modules. (RICT-2463)
  • It's now possible to quickly identify disabled elements in your search results through their greyed out icon. (RDEV-1530)
  • It is now possible to check the publish status through a visual cue in the module tab. inspired by João Martins' idea. (RDEV-1529)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed and improved the AI-assisted suggestions with the boolean values in If nodes. (RAID-548)
  • Fixed crash when having enums in Swagger files with empty values. (RSBO-1352)
  • We fixed the names of the Screens and labels of the menus that get created when you drag Entity to a flow. If you have the Task Entity, for example, the menus that are created after the scaffolding are Tasks and Task Detail, and not Task List and Task Detail. (RTAF-2530)
  • Fixed a crash of the IDE when deleting a widget. This was caused by a glitch in the widget preview. (RTAF-2628)
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