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Development Environment 11.7.12

Released on Jun 22, 2020

New in Development Environment 11.7.12

  • Avoid doing unnecessary requests when native tab of Application details is not opened (RMAC-2953)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed solution publish error when compiling dependencies (not refreshed) to a structure that has new attributes with complex types (RSBO-1521)
  • We fixed a glitch in the launch of the debugger from Reactive Apps. The Chrome window for debugging now opens in a desktop mode, without resizing to the mobile form factor. (RTAF-2996)
  • Fix error when deleting object with editor dialog open (RMAC-2822)
  • We fixed a publishing error by improving the scope of widgets inside Placeholders. You still can reference, from widgets inside Placeholders, the elements that are in Blocks/Screens. However, you can't, from Blocks/Screens/Client Actions, reference the elements that are inside Placeholders. The invalid referencing broke the publishing step and caused a generic "object not found" error. (RTAF-2889)
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