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Development Environment 11.6.6

Released on Oct 28, 2019

New in Development Environment 11.6.6

  • It is now possible to consume REST APIs using Swagger specifications that have enum elements. (RSBO-872)
  • It's now possible to open the documentation page of exposed SOAP Web Services directly from Service Studio, similarly to the existing option for exposed REST APIs. Inspired by Kilian's idea. (RSBO-612)
  • Entity View Data now adds a 'Sort by Id Desc' by default (RSBO-611)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when you tried to open a hidden element from Find Usages. (RDEV-908)
  • Fixed a bug when trying to go to an element while aggregate with a group by is fetching data. (RSBO-837)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of a new module when Application Template no longer existed. (RTAF-1073)
  • We fixed the help link in the Manage Dependencies dialog. Now the link points to the correct page. (RTAF-1229)
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