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Development Environment 11.6.31

Released on Mar 17, 2020

New in Development Environment 11.6.31

  • We improved the user experience of the AI-assisted development feature. Now the suggestions show less often when you're just connecting two nodes. (RAID-343)
  • Now the AI-assisted development feature is better at recommending the right side of assignments because the suggestion algorithm uses the names available in the scope. (RAID-463)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused the corruption of one of the Login Screen background images available in Theme Editor. (RDEV-1444)
  • Fixed a typo in 5-min tutorial. (RDEV-1442)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Studio to crash when importing a Resource as Image. (RDEV-1415)
  • Fixed a compilation error related to the OnAfterFetch Event. The OnAfterFetch Event was incorrectly letting block Events to be set as its handlers, which caused a compilation error. (RTAF-2450)
  • We fixed the Screen Template list from loading indefinitely when the list contained a template with a missing field. (RTAF-2451)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.0 score 9.6 (Critical). (RPC-988) (RPC-988)
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