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Development Environment 11.6.25

Released on Feb 03, 2020

New in Development Environment 11.6.25

  • It is now possible to see OutSystems supported apps in the Application List. (RDEV-1270)
  • When consuming empty used structures, will no long view a message box stating OutSystems does not support this properties, instead there will be errors in TrueChange (RSBO-1202)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed the crash caused by special characters in the search field of the widgets icon picker window. (RTAF-2088)
  • Fixed multiple executions of Screen Preparation Action that occurred when Rich Widgets File Upload was used in the Screen. (RTAF-2064)
  • Fixed an error that showed when using the Rich Widgets Pop-Up pattern with the List Bulk Select widget, where a link/button triggered a pop-up and had the link/button associated with the List Bulk Select widget. (RTAF-2062)
  • Fixed a crash in Service Studio that occurred occasionally when creating attributes in Structures from REST services. (RSBO-1199)
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