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Development Environment 11.6.17

Released on Dec 20, 2019

New in Development Environment 11.6.17

  • Redesigned the version conflict dialog to make it more difficult for less experienced users to overwrite changes made by others. (RMAC-48)
  • It is now possible to report feedback from the "Search in Other Modules" window. (RDEV-820)
  • Timeouts are now configured via “Short Operations timeout” (open and close connection) and “Long Operations timeout” (send and receive), which are accessible via Preferences Menu → Environment Connection, and not via .bindings files like before. (RICT-2258)
  • Now you can open and publish modules that are larger than 32 MB. You can't change this setting in the .bindings file anymore. (RICT-2112)
  • We improved the preview of the Table Widget. The Table now displays more example records and you can hide/show the rows. (RTAF-1789)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a scaffolding bug that crashed Service Studio after dragging an Aggregate without a defined source. (RTAF-1878)
  • Now dragging an identifier Attribute from a Data Action Structure to a Table Widget works correctly and creates a column. Previously the widget ignored this type of identifier. (RTAF-1790)
  • Fixed an issue that caused to have duplicated Application templates registered. (RTAF-1847)
  • Is now possible in SOAP to have a simpleContent with an extension element inside. (RPD-4624)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after opening a context menu when multiple assign nodes are selected. (RUDOF-798)
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