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Development Environment 11.6.11

Released on Nov 25, 2019

New in Development Environment 11.6.11

  • It is now possible to disable or enable multiple elements in an Action flow when the selection contains both disabled and enabled elements. Inspired by Cláudia Capitão's idea. (RDEV-1021)
  • Improved Table widget for Reactive OnSort generated action. (RTAF-1700)
  • Now, you can easily customize the look of your app without CSS by using Theme Editor. (RDEV-468)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Studio to crash while closing Module tabs. (RDEV-1041)
  • Now, if the Widget Tree is open, selecting "Go to <element>" switches to the Elements tree and highlights the <element>. Reported by João Barata. (RDEV-490)
  • Fixed issue causing a TrueChange error to be displayed when using Binary Data expressions in calculated attributes in an Aggregate. (RSBO-1025)
  • Fixed an issue when using scaffolding with a custom menu. (RTAF-1733)
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a Data Source that is a dependency of another Data Source. (RTAF-1707)
  • All pending requests are now canceled when the user navigates to a new screen. (RTAF-1631)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash that occurred during a Compare and Merge while comparing Aggregates. (RICT-2100)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Entity Actions and Service Actions to be set with the incorrect icon when dragged to a flow. (RUDOF-697)
  • Service Studio now limits the number of Keyboard Shortcuts dialog windows to one per tab. (RUDOF-704)
  • We fixed the scaffolding of forms. Now the scaffolded forms have Checkbox Widgets instead of the Switch Widget for boolean values. This makes the forms work better in modern browsers. (RTAF-1731)
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