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Development Environment Release 16

Released on Mar 12, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 16

  • The widget selection window for the Ajax Refresh element now shows a notification banner stating 'This window only shows widgets that have the Name property defined.'. (RDEV-26)
  • We improved the discoverability of the Widget Tree: Added animation to the widget tree when you are dragging a widget to a Screen or Block, and changed the widget tree button. (RDEV-177)
  • Caption buttons now change color on hover. (RDEV-158)
  • Improved the error messages shown when opening unsupported Modules saved in newer Service Studio versions or when opening Modules containing unknown elements. (RDEV-163)
  • Service Studio no longer fills-in the default element name as soon as the name of the element gets erased. (RDEV-162)
  • Improved focus when editing styles in mobile applications. (RMAC-204)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Open Source Licenses window to lose focus when minimizing Service Studio. (RICT-1419)
  • SOAP introspection now supports enumerator values with more than 50 characters. (RSBO-259)
  • Fixed SOAP introspection and compilation of WSDLs with enumerations inside <list> elements. (RSBO-272)
  • Fixed an issue with the number of usages in consumers shown when using the "Find Usages in All Modules" in Service Modules. (RDEV-232)
  • Fixed a crash when adding a dependency in the application detail screen. (RICT-1393)
  • Fixed a compilation error when using some patterns in a Dynamic Sort of an Aggregate. (RICT-1398)
  • Fixed a problem which caused SOAP Web Services imported in version 11 to have incorrect information. This happened when the WSDL had an enumeration defined in a top-level element that is used directly in an input part. (RSBO-360)
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