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Development Environment Release 15

Released on Mar 04, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 15

  • Expression Editor now has buttons for True and False boolean values. Inspired by Hans Bruins' idea. (RDEV-160)
  • Service Studio can now be updated automatically. Go to Settings and select "Update Service Studio automatically" to turn on the feature. The auto-update is disabled if you're running Service Studio on Windows Server. Inspired by André Ramos' idea. (RICT-1351)
  • Added German translations to RichWidgets. (ROU-40)
  • You can now add a preview image to your Screen Template in the metadata section. (RTAF-134)
  • Upgraded SharpZipLib library to version 1.1.0. (RRCT-2292)
  • Updated the following JavaScript libraries used by the mobile applications runtime: 'decimal.js' to version 10.0.1, 'toformat' to version 2.0.0. (RTAF-91)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue when copy-pasting actions ListAppend and ListAppendAll from a module to another that was causing some type conversion mappings to be deleted. (RICT-1354)
  • Fixed SOAP introspection not detecting some unsupported features. (RSBO-246)
  • Now there's no crash when you add a link from a web screen to an external web site. (RTAF-106)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Light Processes to have Input Parameters but would cause a compilation error when publishing. (RPD-3358)
  • Improved the warning message in wizard "Create Action to Bootstrap Data from Excel" when the attributes are not going to be included in the bootstrap. (RSBO-53)
  • Fixed an issue that was incorrectly throwing an error when using a referenced Entity with Expose Read Only as a trigger to Processes or Activities. (RSBO-303)
  • Now all of the conditions are updated accordingly when you change a source inside the Aggregate Join section. (RSBO-72)
  • Fixed a crash when importing a SOAP Web Service without any service definition. (RSBO-305)
  • Service Studio no longer changes the Last Modified By property of unmodified elements. (RPD-3881)
  • Fixed a GUI bug that allowed you to select Client Entities and Read-Only Reference Entities as Event Triggers. (ABE-1351)
  • We fixed an error that prevented you from upgrading a module with the dynamic join logic to OutSystems 11. (RPD-3674)
  • Fixed crash that occurred when changing the type of a structure attribute to a structured type (entity, structure, list, or anonymous structure) when the attribute was used by a Combo Box widget. (RICT-1308)
  • Fixed a crash when pasting logic from a Client Action in a mobile module to a Server Action in a web module. (RICT-1307)
  • We fixed the compilation error caused by a missing validation for the Combo Box variable type. (RICT-1320)
  • Clicking the Close button while Service Studio is closing no longer crashes the program. (RICT-1371)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when double-clicking a verify message. (RICT-1258)
  • Fixed occasional crash using the Search in several tabs at the same time. (RTAF-108)
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