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Development Environment Release 14

Released on Feb 11, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 14

  • Now you can open the Application details in the Application search results without resetting the search. Inspired by Tiago's idea. (RIUT-650)
  • Updated the following JavaScript libraries used by the mobile applications runtime: 'requirejs' to version 2.3.6, 'es6-promise' to version 4.2.5, 'long' to version 4.0.0, 'decimal.js' to version 10.0.1, 'toformat' to version 2.0.0. (RTAF-91)

Bug Fixing

  • We fixed a crash in the Mobile Tutorial that happened when you created the first Screen. (RICT-1275)
  • We fixed a crash in creating the first Screen in a Flow that already had an Entry node. (RPD-3731)
  • We fixed an error that prevented you from upgrading a module with the dynamic join logic to OutSystems 11. (RPD-3674)
  • Now all of the conditions are updated accordingly when you change a source inside the Aggregate Join section. (RSBO-72)
  • Now there's no crash when you browse the Screen Template categories while doing the tutorials. (RTAF-98)
  • We fixed the Aggregate icon for the local storage. (RTAF-102)
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