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Development Environment Release 13

Released on Feb 05, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 13

  • Improved the identification of screens and blocks differences in Compare and Merge window. (RCOT-2139)
  • You can now use a Text Editor to edit attributes and variables' default value. Inspired by Ricardo Reis' idea. (RIUT-591)
  • Deprecated VerifySqlLiteral action from Sanitization.xif in favor of BuildSafe_InClauseIntegerList and BuildSafe_InClauseTextList. Both actions will be available in Platform Server Release Jan.2019 CP2. (RRCT-2108)
  • Improved Integration Studio icons. (RINT-3338)
  • Added a warning when the argument passed to a SQL Query Parameter with the Expand Inline set starts with "EncodeSql". Also added a warning when the argument passed to a SQL Query Parameter with the Expand Inline set uses the built-in function Replace. Both scenarios are prone to cause runtime errors. (RRCT-2116)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a crash when dragging text to the end of an expression or CSS. (RICT-1257)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cursor to misbehave while editing the name of an Aggregate. (RICT-1254)
  • Fixed a crash when editing a module while Service Studio was stopped in a breakpoint. (RICT-1278)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSS v3.0 score 7.1 (High) (RLIT-2388)
  • Fixed a runtime error running Aggregates for very rare situations when the Entity internal name is a reserved keyword. (RSBO-29)
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally crashed Service Studio while upgrading an OML. (RCOT-2128)
  • Fixed a crash in the Compare and Merge window when opening a SQL element. (RCOT-2153)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when double-clicking a verify message. (RICT-1258)
  • Improved the stability by fixing an occasional bug when selecting the cells of Widgets. (RICT-1250)
  • Fixed a crash that happened while undoing the delete of a widget having the Input Widget property set. (RICT-1243)
  • Fixed a crash in the preview of Service Studio when manipulating List Record widgets. (RICT-1240)
  • Improved the stability by fixing the Web Screens merge, related to several scenarios. (RICT-1237)
  • Fixed an issue in the SQL window that was causing part of the window to be hidden after resizing its sections. (RIUT-618)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Search box to close unexpectedly right after opening. (RIUT-648)
  • Fixed a crash editing Aggregates when using option "Show hidden". (RPD-3842)
  • Improved the experience when there is a problem contacting the server to fetch the latest Application Templates. (RTAF-88)
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