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Development Environment Release 12

Released on Jan 25, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 12

  • There's now a warning dialog if you try to create a Screen based on an incompatible Screen Template. (RAFT-1737)
  • Improved the experience of adding a preview image to a custom template screen. (RAFT-1756)
  • New screen icons while developing screen templates in Service Studio. (RAFT-1657)
  • We improved the incompatibility warning message in the New Screen window. There are now more details about the Theme that you need to use with the selected Screen Template. (RAFT-1736)
  • Deprecated VerifySqlLiteral action from Sanitization.xif in favor of BuildSafe_InClauseIntegerList and BuildSafe_InClauseTextList. Both actions will be available in the next release of Platform Server. (RRCT-2108)
  • Forge Updates popup now better shows application names and has tooltips for more details. (RIUT-603)
  • Added a warning when the argument passed to a SQL Query Parameter with the Expand Inline set starts with "EncodeSql". Also added a warning when the argument passed to a SQL Query Parameter with the Expand Inline set uses the built-in function Replace. Both scenarios are prone to cause runtime errors. (RRCT-2116)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed unescaped strings in the generated translated javascript code. (RPD-3483)
  • Solved a problem that resulted in corrupted expressions. (RICT-1230)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when performing Step Over multiple times while debugging. (RICT-1226)
  • Fixed a runtime error consuming SOAP Web Services that was causing the value of elements to be ignored. (RINT-3275)
  • Adding an optional attribute to a Structure is now correctly identified as an incompatible change if that attribute is a Structure, Entity, Record or List. (ABE-1335)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Client Entities and Read-Only Reference Entities to be used as Event Trigger. (ABE-1351)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Client Entities to be used as Destination in Human Activities. (ABE-1354)
  • Fixed a crash occurring after editing the style of an element using Styles Editor. (ABE-1355)
  • Fixed a crash when opening the "Test Inputs" tab of a SQL element. (RAFT-1767)
  • Fixed a crash when selecting text while comparing and merging screens or blocks. (RCOT-2134)
  • Fixed a crash in the preview of Service Studio when manipulating List Record widgets. (RICT-1240)
  • Fixed a crash when merging web screens. (RICT-1237)
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