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Development Environment Release 9

Released on Jan 02, 2019

New in Development Environment Release 9

  • Clicking Environment/Module Management in the toolbar now opens Service Center in the default browser instead of render it directly inside Service Studio. (RICT-825)
  • Upgraded SharpZipLib library to version 1.0.0. (RRCT-2144)
  • Upgraded Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi libraries to version 5.2.7. (RRCT-2143)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a runtime error deserializing the body of a SOAP Web Service reply message when the element type inherits by restriction. (RINT-3239)
  • Fixed the conversion of nil values for numerical types when consuming SOAP Web Services. (RINT-3287)
  • Pressing F1 on UI Flows now redirects to the correct documentation page. (RAFT-1740)
  • Fixed a crash when importing SOAP Web Services with xsd:attributes used by reference. (RINT-3220)
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