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Development Environment Release 7

Released on Dec 19, 2018

New in Development Environment Release 7

  • The shortcut Ctrl+N executed in a Flow now creates an empty Screen. Previously this shortcut opened the New Screen window. (RAFT-1616)
  • The icon picker in the Web application development is now the same as the one in Mobile. Plus, you'll get this new experience when selecting a Static Record item, both in Web and Mobile. Inspired by Bruno Fonte's idea. (RAFT-1607)
  • You can now use the arrows keys and the Tab key to navigate the Screen Templates inside the New Screen window. (RAFT-1673)
  • Improved the 1-Click Publish performance of modules containing references without entities or structures. (ABE-1275)

Bug Fixing

  • We fixed an array compilation error in the SOAP web services that prevented module publishing. This affected only applications with the new SOAP implementation. (RPD-3627)
  • Fixed crash that sometimes happened when using Test in the SQL node. (ABE-1322)
  • We improved the stability of Service Studio by resolving an issue that sometimes crashed the IDE after creating a local variable. The fix involved changing the underlying enumeration. (ABE-1323)
  • We improved the stability by fixing the way Service Studio handles errors in communicating with the server. (ABE-1330)
  • Now Service Studio doesn't crash after running Ctrl+F in the Executed SQL aggregate window. Thanks to Matheus Medeiros for reporting the bug. (ABE-1331)
  • Fixed a crash that happened when quickly deleting several sources in an Aggregate. (ABE-1333)
  • Fix a crash that occurred when changing the width from "auto" to other value in Styles Editor. (RAFT-1720)
  • Now Service Studio doesn't crash while you're on an Android device debugging an app that opens the external links within the in-app browser. (RAFT-1712)
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Service Studio while offline and trying to select a module in the Debugger > Debug Setup > Entry Module. (RAFT-1702)
  • Now it's possible to merge translation messages because we fixed the related UI issues. (RCOT-1964)
  • Fixed a bug to improve stability during the auto-save. (RICT-1146)
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Service Studio after opening a context menu with the Assign tools selected. (RIUT-549)
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