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Development Environment Release 6

Released on Dec 03, 2018

New in Development Environment Release 6

  • You can now use "Find Usages in All Modules" with Role Actions. Inspired by Carlos Alfaro's idea. (RIUT-533)
  • From now on, double-clicking an Assign element containing a single assignment opens the expression editor and lets you edit that assignment. Inspired by Nicolaas' idea. (RIUT-479)
  • Simplified the experience of opening a consumer module from a publish warning. Now Manage Dependencies window only opens if needed. (RIUT-481)

Bug Fixing

  • Publishing a module with TrueChange errors in View Data aggregated attributes no longer causes a compilation error. (RPD-3568)
  • Publishing a Module after using the Disable Element feature to disable an Aggregate/SQL query that uses a deleted Entity as a Source no longer causes a crash. (RPD-3549)
  • You can now use Tab and arrows keys to navigate inside the Screen Templates browser. (RAFT-1673)
  • Textual merge capability is now extended to translation messages. Fixed display issues with translations in merge context. (RCOT-1964)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash while comparing WebBlock instances. (RCOT-1879)
  • Solved Service Studio freezes when debugging applications. (RICT-902)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Studio to freeze when testing Aggregates or SQL queries. (RICT-1139)
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