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Development Environment Release 3

Released on Oct 22, 2018

New in Development Environment Release 3

  • We improved the tooltip text that shows while you are dragging Entity Attributes over widgets. It's now more clear what you can do if you drop an Attribute onto, for example, a Table Record or Edit Record. (RAFT-1600)

Bug Fixing

  • The label of the SQL tool under the output element now shows "Output Entity" or "Output Structure", depending on what you select in the pane. (ABE-1280)
  • Fixed the folder tree in Service Studio so it no longer shows Client Actions after converting a mobile module to a Service module. (ABE-1281)
  • Fixed drag&drop of an entity or attribute to the screen in a mobile module. (RAFT-1650)
  • Improved the preview image of the Empty Screen Template. (RAFT-1635)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after you refreshed the references and the refresh resulted in the the removal of a block. (RAFT-1609)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the text cursor to disappear in some situations. (RAFT-1613)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash during merge operations while inspecting 'Database' element from consumed SOAP Services. (RCOT-2001)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash while comparing Web Block instances. (RCOT-1879)
  • Fixed an issue with Service Studio '-cleanup' command line option. Additionally, fixed the report generated when removing unused elements. (RPD-3526)
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