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Platform Server 10.0.1023.0

Released on Apr 02, 2020

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an error that showed when using the Rich Widgets Pop-Up pattern with the List Bulk Select widget, where a link/button triggered a pop-up and had the link/button associated with the List Bulk Select widget. (RTAF-2062)
  • Fixed multiple executions of Screen Preparation Action that occurred when Rich Widgets File Upload was used in the Screen. (RTAF-2064)
  • Fixed the triggering of the onclick event with a Rich Widget Popup Editor on a Screen/Block that would cause the onclick event handlers of its parents to trigger during the screen rendering. (RTAF-2089)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a link that should open a popup window would not work depending of the order of the widgets. (RTAF-2216)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSSv3.0 score 9.1 (Critical). (RLIT-3368)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime Deployment API v1 that was preventing to tag a mobile application using the native platform name, e.g. Android (v1). (RLIT-3395)
  • We improved the Error_Log screen search experience by allowing you to reduce the timeouts in large factories. You can now use a checkbox to enable the search of the stack trace, as it's no longer enabled by default. (RPD-2538)
  • Fixed issue in LifeTime that prevented on-premises environments registered in Cloud Infrastructure to sync properly due to multiple users with a specific Administrator role. (RPD-3582)
  • Fixed error when invoking SOAP web services with Integrated Authentication, when the Platform Database is configured to use Windows Authentication. (RSBO-1317)
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