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Platform Server 10.0.1010.0

Released on May 03, 2019

New in Platform Server 10.0.1010.0

  • Improved the experience of the Users application. We gave it a new look and feel and made the following usability improvements:
    — Page-specific links/actions were moved to inside the pages; the sidebar will now only display fixed links and recent items
    — Added breadcrumbs to pages and pagination and records counter to all pages showing lists
    — Added text filter in users sub-lists
    — When a user does not have a username defined it appears as "Not Defined" in the lists so that you can click it
    — Roles, Groups and Users dropdowns don't show the records already added to the lists; however, roles still show when they were inherited by group to allow overriding
    — When a role is inherited by a group, it does not show the option to remove the role, since this operation is not possible
    — Added the list of users able to access the application to the Application_List page – inspired by Rebecca Hall's idea (RLIT-2343)
  • Minor improvements in Users font and UI. (RLIT-2592)
  • Added to FactoryConfiguration the option to include X-Content-Type-Options header with nosniff as a method of preventing MIME sniffing from older browser versions. (RRCT-2270)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Center to crash when changing the configuration of a mobile application. (RLIT-2490)
  • Fixed an issue in the Spanish translation of RichWidgets. (RPD-3132)
  • Fixed runtime error in client-side Aggregates with dynamic Order By's containing more than one attribute. (RSBO-54)
  • The MABS version tag of a mobile application is now correctly updated in Service Center for all environments, including the ones not connected to LifeTime. (RPD-3851)
  • Fixed query errors in some Users screens. (RPD-4015)
  • Fixed an issue in AddAttributeToHtmlTag action that could lead to an ArgumentOutOfRange exception in runtime. (RPD-3931)
  • Fixed a security issue that could cause session ids to be leaked with access to the Platform logs. CVSSv3.0 score 4.9 (Medium). (RRCT-2277)
  • Fixed incorrect duration in some scheduler error logs. (RPD-3993)
  • Fixed a problem when using ListAppend and ListInsert functions containing an If expression in the List input parameter. (RPD-3984)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed a lock on a file by Compiler Service after a second stage compilation error in Service Studio publication. (RPD-4024)
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