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Platform Server 10.0.1005.2

Released on Mar 04, 2019

New in Platform Server 10.0.1005.2

  • We improved the experience of the Users application.
    We gave it a new look and feel and made the following usability improvements:
    — Page-specific links/actions were moved to inside the pages, leaving the sidebar displaying fixed links and recent items only
    — Added breadcrumbs to the pages for better guidance
    — Added pagination and records counter to all lists (Users, Groups, Applications and sub-lists)
    — Added text filter in users sub-lists
    — When a user does not have a username defined it appears as "Not Defined" in the lists so that you can click it
    — Roles, Groups and Users dropdowns don't show the records that are already added to the lists (however, roles still show when they were inherited by group to allow overriding)
    — When a role is inherited by a group, it does not show the option to remove the role, since this operation is not possible
    — Added the list of users able to access the application to the Application_List page – inspired by Rebecca Hall's idea (RLIT-2343)
  • When configuring a mobile application, it is now possible to choose the version of the Mobile Apps Build Service (MABS) that will be used to generate the mobile app package. (RNMT-2296)
  • Added a new action Session_GetWebAppLoginInfo to the PlatformRuntime API that allows you to get user information in advanced REST authentication scenarios. (RRCT-2274)
  • The VerifySqlLiteral action from Sanitization API was deprecated in favor of BuildSafe_InClauseIntegerList and BuildSafe_InClauseTextList. These new actions are available in Platform Server 10.0.1005.0 and in the upcoming O11 Platform Server Release Apr.2019. (RRCT-2108)
  • [Java Only] Added support for OpenJDK. (RSAT-1168)
  • Added to FactoryConfiguration the option to include X-Content-Type-Options header with nosniff as a method of preventing MIME sniffing from older browser versions. (RRCT-2270)

Bug Fixing

  • The User_Login action of the Users API no longer logs errors when the authentication is set to Active Directory or LDAP and the login is successful. (RLIT-2387)
  • Fix an issue that would prevent Service Center from installing when "Force HTTPS for screens in Web Applications" and "Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)" settings were enabled and the application server was configured to receive a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) in the HTTPS port. (RSAT-627)
  • Fixed an image rendering issue in Image widgets using binary data when Content Security Policy (CSP) is enabled. (RRCT-2186)
  • The User_Login action of the Users API no longer aborts database transactions when an exception occurs. (RRCT-2189)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Light Processes to have Input Parameters but would cause a compilation error when publishing. (RPD-3358)
  • Fixed an issue that created multiple BPT processes in case of error when the Scheduler was committing a database transaction. (RPD-3759)
  • Fixed a rare runtime error while running Aggregates when the Entity internal name was a reserved keyword. (RSBO-29)
  • Fixed SAP introspection corruption that prevented you from consuming some methods dealing with multi-level tables. (RPD-3773)
  • Fixed an issue that was closing the DatePicker widget on iOS devices in web applications. (RPD-3852)
  • Fixed the deployment error "Could not find a part of the path" that appeared when publishing a solution through OSPTool when eSpaces were moved across database catalogs. (RPD-3863)
  • Fixed an issue when choosing "Mark Hotfix as Solved" for mobile apps if the application hadn't been deployed to the next environment yet. (RPD-3871)
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when using non-default locales. (RPD-3959)
  • Fixed issue in LifeTime when downloading a specific Application Version. (RLIT-2416)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability. CVSS v3.0 score 7.1 (High) - Full details to be released in May 2019 (RLIT-2388)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability (reported by Mina Edwar from Verizon). CVSS v3.0 score 8.1 (High) - Full details to be released in May 2019 (RPD-3849)
  • Fixed a rare over-optimization issue occurring in implicit conversions for List Records. (RSCT-1705)
  • [.NET Only] Fixed issue where "_" (underscore) characters were removed from email attachment filenames. (RPD-3690)
  • [Java Only] Improved application logging performance in Java. (RPD-3738)
  • [Java Only] Database sessions are no longer created for BPT activities. (RPD-3835)
  • Fixed an issue with Input_AutoComplete being triggered in IE11 due to an unexpected 'keydown' event. (RPD-3866)
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