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Platform Server 10.0.1001.0

Removed from availability on Feb 12, 2019

New in Platform Server 10.0.1001.0

  • When configuring a mobile application, it is now possible to choose the version of the Mobile Apps Build Service (MABS) that will be used to generate the mobile app package. (RNMT-2296)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed a runtime error occurring when a List Box is inside a Table Records. (RAFT-1703)
  • The information on the available database storage for cloud environments is now showing correctly. (RPD-3432)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the error "Duplicate is not a valid operation inside a StartIteration/EndIteration block" when using cached actions. (RPD-3698)
  • Fixed an issue in the Oracle driver that was preventing to abort a query when a HTTP request timeout occurred while session data was being manipulated. (RPD-3726)
  • Fixed an issue that caused JSON Deserialize to fail when deserializing Null DateTimes "1900-01-01T00:00:00" in Mobile Devices with Negative Timezones offsets. (RPD-3661)
  • Fixed an issue that was changing the strings within brackets passed to an SQL element via an expand inline parameter. (RPD-3565)
  • Queries to LDAP can now fallback to LdapConnection objects when using basic authentication. (RPD-3624)
  • App Feedback application is now more resilient to feedback submitted from screens having frames injected dynamically or resources with zero content length. (RPD-3588)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing high memory consumption when using complex structures with several lists. (RPD-3633)
  • Added X-Content-Type-Options header with nosniff to prevent MIME sniffing from older browser versions. (RPD-2812)
  • Now the system entities in the Oracle databases create the correct indexes for primary keys of the Text type. (RPD-3528)
  • Publishing a module with TrueChange errors in View Data aggregated attributes no longer causes a compilation error. (RPD-3568)
  • Users module now allows Basic Authentication using LDAP. (RPD-3557)
  • We improved the stability of Service Studio by fixing an occasional crash related to the Run Server Action node. (ABE-1352)
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