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Platform Server 10.0.823.0

Released on Jun 11, 2018

New in Platform Server 10.0.823.0

  • Improved submit feedback usability in Service Center. (RLIT-1865)
  • LifeTime Analytics retention data period can be now defined through Factory Configuration tool. (RLIT-1749)
  • Improved the process to delete old deployment data in LifeTime. (RLIT-1718)

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed an issue preventing the recompilation of web screens and emails when the "Internal Access" property of the UI Flow they belong to was changed. (ABE-1002)
  • Fixed an issue that would leave the local storage database in an inconsistent state after retrying a local storage update. (RRCT-1653)
  • Fixed an issue preventing expired sessions from being deleted from the database. (RPD-3035)
  • Fixed an issue in LifeTime for cloud hybrid infrastructures that made the security settings inaccessible for all environments. (RPD-2827)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed disabled buttons to trigger inputs with the Enter key in IE browsers. (RPD-3151)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred while downloading files in Android with a MIME type larger than 50 characters. (RPD-3158)
  • Fixed an issue in HTTP-to-HTTPS redirect functionality when two Web Screens from different UI Flows share the same name. (RPD-3170)
  • Fixed LDAP injection vulnerability. (RPD-3194)
  • Fixed a SQL injection vulnerabilities in Service Center. (RPD-3196)
  • Fixed an issue in iOS 11.3 mobile apps where the virtual keyboard did not open when the end-user touched an input very fast. (RPD-3198)
  • Fixed an issue in PerformanceMonitoring API that caused consecutive successful logins to lock out the user. (RPD-3199)
  • Fixed issue in mobile apps that caused the first and last elements of virtualized lists with the data source set to an Aggregate to be rendered with a height of 0 pixels. (RPD-3300)
  • Deployment Controller service is shown as being down whenever stored procedure 'DeleteExpiredSessionVarsReturningDeletedRows' does not exist. (RPD-3304)
  • Fixed an error when running a mobile app after deleting all its local database entities. (RSCT-1218)
  • Fixed an issue in iOS mobile apps that was causing one click to trigger two click events. (RPD-3204)
  • Fixed bug that in some cases would cause infinite loops while compiling screen actions with List Appends having type conversions. (ABE-1003)
  • Changing the description of REST API method parameters will now update the exposed REST API documentation. (RINT-1563)
  • Fixed a performance issue in LifeTime that occurred while validating Deployment Plans. (RLIT-1888)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Service Center not to show all Consumed SOAP and REST Web Services for eSpaces with more than 100 entries. (RPD-3201)
  • The maintenance window of the Lifetime environment in a cloud infrastructure now only changes when defining the maintenance window for the leftmost environment displayed in Lifetime's Infrastructure screen. (RLIT-1876)
  • Changes to cookie security setting are now immediately applied. (RPD-3207)
  • Fixed a performance issue in Service Center that occurred while accessing the Process Monitoring page. (RLIT-1837)
  • Fixed an intermittent issue in Service Center that caused a timeout when accessing logs in the Monitoring tab. (RLIT-1813)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Service Center to incorrectly show a success message when changing a Timer Schedule. (RLIT-1611)
  • Fixed an issue in Service Center that prevented the automatic cleanup of old Solutions. (RPD-2592)
  • Fixed mobile apps becoming unresponsive after resuming from background in iOS 11.3. (RPD-3203)
  • Fixed several UI issues in LifeTime. (RLIT-1820)
  • Removed redundant EnableViewStateMac attribute from web screens. (RPD-3197)
  • Improvements in session cleanup mechanism. NOTE: It's strongly recommended to re-create the session database using the Configuration Tool. (RPD-3059)
  • Fixed RichWidgets InputAutoComplete/ListNavigation/ListOrderBy not working if the page was first accessed using an URL that contained a different casing from the original page name. (RPD-3231)
  • The platform server installation checklist now includes instructions to install the WebLogic patch that fixes RPC Web Service calls swapping the parameters order. (RPD-3083)
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