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Platform Server 10.0.710.0

Released on Nov 20, 2017

Bug Fixing

  • Fixed duplicate feedback messages being displayed in pages containing iframes that call Feedback_Message action. (RPD-2764)
  • Service Center now hides modules that don't need catalog configuration during a solution publish. (RPD-2341)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing the length of a Text entity attribute from 2000 to a larger value. (RPD-2224)
  • Fixed an internal error occurring while registering a new environment in LifeTime. (RLIT-1402)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented LifeTime Analytics from showing information for scenarios with a huge amount of data to process. (RLIT-1380)
  • Fixed scroll on horizontal lists. (RAFT-940)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the resources of a web responsive application (such as CSS, images or JavaScript) to remain outdated after deploying the application from one environment to another. (RSCT-882)
  • Fixed tab indexes having the wrong order in an Ajax Refresh. (RPD-2809)
  • Fixed Ajax Refresh overriding "tabindex" attribute defined in Extended Properties. (RPD-2753)
  • Fixed runtime error when opening pages having widgets using properties of other widgets in Extended Properties. (RPD-2650)
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